Vehicle Security

Holden Ute

P5 SECURITY for your peace of mind. Choose P5 Security to protect your car from theft and vandalism with the latest technology in security.



We can tailor a system just right for you. Using the latest Can Bus wiring system, designed to integrate with your new cars computer. It works on a receive only system which means no faults tracking back to your cars ever important computer. Our full security systems offer microwave and tilt sensors, protecting your alloy wheels and battery backup sirens ensuring your car is safe at all times. All systems are guaranteed for 3 years and are fitted by qualified technicians. Don't take the risk, ask your consultant today.





Australian Made. You can be sure that ALL of the Priority5 range is proudly
Australian. We only use and deal with Australian companies for all our supplies
from chemical products to paper and packaging. ABN 96 262 014 121.


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