P5 PROTECT for paint

PROTECT for paint locks in brilliant shine and luster to your cars paint. Low maintenance and easy to wash,Paint it keeps your cars showroom shine. Highly recommended to rich colour and metallic finishes. Protects against fading, UV damage and oxidisation.


P5 DEFENCE for fabric

P5 DEFENCE for fabric is a stain resistant coating for your car interior. Helps repel most common stains like coffee, soft drinks,Fabric food stuffs etc. Strengthens fibres getting better wear and tear. Reduce your time spent cleaning so you can relax and enjoy driving.


P5 ULTIMATE for leather

P5 ULTIMATE for leather will give you long lasting wear and durability while maintaining the Leathersoft luxury of leather. This product applied once, retains moisture in leather and keeps it supple. Offers great stain and scuff resistance. Leaves no residue.


P5 GUARD for vinyl

P5 GUARD for vinyl will keep your vinyl like new, penetrating and sealing the surface it has great UV and stain protection. Hand application ensures Vinylit is rubbed into all surfaces with no sticky residue. Easy maintenance simply wipe or vacuum clean.


P5 SECURITY for cars

P5 SECURITY for cars is the ultimate in security with a range of options designed to give you choice forSecurity the level of security you require. Gives you peace of mind when leaving your new car and great back up service.




Australian Made. You can be sure that ALL of the Priority5 range is proudly
Australian. We only use and deal with Australian companies for all our supplies
from chemical products to paper and packaging. ABN 96 262 014 121.